Pedal Arcade

The installation, Pedal Arcade: The Prototype, investigates both contemporary and early twentieth century technology. Pedaling is central to the piece by engaging the viewer physically. The virtual bicycle ride reverses the usual passivity associated with watching video. Twenty-first century electronics, along with human power, control the motion and generate the image.

The structure of the installation recalls the early 1900s motion picture devices, such as the Kinetoscope and Mutoscope. In a peep show format, viewers turned a crank or tossed in a coin to watch a short film. The experiences varied from humorous moments at voyeuristic scenes. These devices were popular in amusement arcades up until the 1940s and anticipated present video game arcades. While contemporary games often use metaphors of destruction by contrast the imagery in Pedal Arcade: The Prototype signifies journeys, replicating dream-like glimpses of passing landscapes from the first person experience. 

Pedal Arcade: The Prototype, was partially funded and exhibited by NewTown in Convergences: New Sculptural Media, at the Armory Center for the Arts in Pasadena, CA. September 2010 through January 2011. Video documentation.

Special thanks go to Rick Armstrong for technical support on the project.