Unbroken Arbor Vitae

Unbroken Arbor Vitae (Unbroken Tree of Life), a site-specific installation for the Suho Memorial Paper Museum in Taipei, Taiwan, is on view from October 6 through January 3, 2015. 

Anne Greenwood, Diane JacobsShu-Ju Wang and myself (Rachel Siegel) are four Portland Artists who collaboratively designed and created Unbroken Arbor Vitae for the Suho Museum. The installation focuses on reverence and regeneration of our forests. Using native woodlands of the Pacific Northwest as our guide, we transformed the 2nd floor of the Paper Museum into a place for viewers to experience a forest through sculptural paper trees, photographs and video

At workshops held in Portland, Oregon prior to the installation, students and community members considered their native forests, their personal connections to the natural world, their part in preserving the woodlands – sharing ideas, drawings and writing.

The workshop took place at Roesway Heights Middle School and the Lan Su Chinese Garden. Artwork created by the Portland participants is now hanging as part of Unbroken Arbor Vitae in Taipei.

Suho Memorial Paper Museum visitors in Taipei can share their thoughts and ideas through writing and drawings, which will also become a part of Unbroken Arbor Vitae.

Many thanks for their support on this project:
Frances Bai – installation support 
Claire Carpenter – custom book box 
Eric and Ruby Cheng – hosts, extreme hospitality
Ming Hsu – additional documentation 
Melinda Kowalska – installation, hydration and documentation
Mauricio Rioseco – studio, logistics and wood in Portland 
En-Hsin Wang & Frances Bai, Shu-Ju’s Family – generosity and logistics
Shu-mei Wang – translations 
Mrs. Wei – installation support 
Daniel, Vic and the Suho Memorial Paper Museum staff
Mr. Gentile and the 7th graders at Roseway Heights, Spring 2014
Lan Su Chinese Garden, their staff and workshop participants, September 6, 2014
Alison Hawthorne Deming - for use of her poem, "The Web"
Our families
Many other generous supporters

Funded in part by: 
Suho Memorial Paper Museum

Photos and video documentation: Anne Greenwood, Ming Hsu, Diane Jacobs, Melinda Kowalska, Rachel Siegel and Shu-Ju Wang.