Tempo & Transition

Tempo & Transition an exhibition with community collaboration

Cascade Gallery, Portland Community College, Portland, OR.
Cascade Campus TH102, 705 N Killingsworth, Portland

The exhibition runs November 7 - December 7 2016.
The Gallery is open M - F  from 
9 AM - 5 PM.
Artist's reception is 
Thursday, November 17th from 4 - 7 PM.
There will be a community workshop on November 17th from 
2 - 4 PM.

Artists and students participating:

Adysen Cook

Alexander Burlay

Alexzander Marin-Osorio

Alisan Bramhall

Amy Hargrave-Ellis

Andres Caldera-Haynes

Angela Valdivia

Angie Pettefer

Anna Cutter

Anna DeMars

Anne Greenwood

Arturo Ramos-Carrillo

Ashley Bell

Ashley Ebert

Audrey Caines

Baily Davis

Bao Teav

Ben Lynn

Berlin Fruehauf

Brittany VanBuren

Carye Bye

Catherine Haley Epstein

Christian Barajas

Claire Peterson

Danaisha Darbouze

Daphne Clifton

Delaney Larimore

Destiny Johnson

Diane Jacobs

Dimitra Weinstein

Dora Vargas

Elisa Suarez

Elixziq Goldsby

Elizebeth Bilyeu

Emily Simpson Mock

Evan Brooks

Heather A. Fuller

Heather Christensen

Heather Diehl

Hunter Percell

Imani Hunter

Ivy Torres

Jacob Brauer

Jake Kordick

Jarod Cowley

Jason Bye

Jay Sisson

Jeff Hubis

Jenn Woodward

Jennifer Errend

Jensen Sears

Jerusalem Spacal

Joe Murphy

Joseph Pentheroudakis

Josiah Miu

Juan Carlos Beneyto Pérez

Justin Cortado

Kaitlynn Knapp

Kara Bassman

Karina Pardo Morales

Kathleen Dodd

Kayano Laws

Kellan Ferguson

Kelly Mitchum

Kenny Bui

Kevin Ayyoub

Khoi Pham

Kiasia Lane

Laura Henao Vasquez

Laura Kowall

Linday Frost

Lindsey Mirabal

Luan Nguyen

Lydia Sviatoslavsky

Lynn Kays

Mai Honda

Manzanita Crabau

Mauricio Paz

Merina Bensene

Michelle Macy

Mike Campbell

Mike Misosoup

Mykelah Perkins

Nahjee Thomas

Nel Taylor Coghill

Nicole Camberg

Nicole Stevenson

P.E. Russell

Pamela Ceglowsi

Pamela Chipman

Philipp Greenwood

Rachel Hibbard

Rachel Siegel

Richard Armstrong

Richard Gerberding

Rob Mulkey

Ryan Bickett

Samantha Schulte

Sarah Rohr

Scott Gregg

Selena Niles

Shara Atterton

Shawn Baker

Shehab Abdelhamid

Shelly Donohoe

Sherri Hendrix

Shu-Ju Wang

Sonia Bahn

Spencer Dorsey

Tatiana Gebert

Tatyana Yebra

Thu Dong

Tong Vang

Toni Doroha

Tony Dinh

Vanessa Berge

Victor Santiago

Waratthaya Choothian

Wells Wait

Zaccaria Madeline

Zach Deerwester

We thank all who joined in sharing their visions on the topic of time and transformation. We map change because:

  • we cannot stop time but we can alter our path within it
  • our voices and visions matter
  • we understand how beautiful, complex and painful change is
  • we know art has purpose and is very important to our lives
  • we believe in the importance of collaboration 

How do you map change?

Tempo & Transition included animation and video created in a variety of materials and by a variety of artists responding to the theme of time and change. The exhibition features several devices emulating pre-cinema mechanisms including a large-scale zoetrope, a video peep show, and Pedal Arcade a combination of a bicycle and cinema viewer. All apparatuses constructed by Rachel Siegel; and the electronics & programming on Pedal Arcade generously designed and built by Richard Armstrong.

Artwork was presented in one of three modes:­ 1) a sequence of images (a filmstrip) to play on a large-scale zoetrope 2) a flipbook 3) a short video (30 seconds) displayed in the peep show and on Pedal Arcade.

We are grateful for all those that have contributed!

Rachel Siegel, Artist/Curator
Sandy Sampson, Gallery Director     

Contact us with any questions regarding this project:
Tempo & Transition: tempo.transition@gmail.com