Mortality:  No one lives forever

This room of peeling walls conjures up thoughts of time and aging. Life once surged through but now its drained. A white dress form hangs in a dual nature, emptiness & being; and a black dress form doubling as totality & death, are joined at the neck. Together the forms become the body & the spirit. Turning the crank temporarily animates the forms as if a breath of life is passing from the viewer to installation. The closet holds secrets tethered to undergarments. The wall of hankies is where the viewer may place hopes and fears. The mirror is a reminder that we are all transient on this earth.

This short-term installation was built from parts of past work along with new elements. Recycling work into another show was appropriate to the concept of piece­—death, life and renewal. And the greater context of the exhibit, converting a space that no longer functions and giving it a new life.

August 2009. Manor of Art

Photographic documentation provided by: Micheal Costello, Rose Nomura and Rachel Siegel