Faces & Places

Faces & Places: Illuminating Female Pillars of the Jade and Midway Districts was a project under the direction of photography instructor Rachel Siegel and writing instructor Paul Montone. Through funding by the Jade-Midway Place Making Projects, Portland Community College Southeast Campus students enrolled in Art 140 Intro to Digital Photography and Writing 121 courses created a booklet showcasing women who are making a difference within the Jade and Midway Districts. The booklet features student-taken portraits and student written biographical sketches. Students, through their process of community engagement and art making, had an opportunity to celebrate women who are vital and important in the communities surrounding the Southeast Campus.

This project took place over Spring quarter, 2015.

Above you can see the project images, all photos by students. To see the entire book with text please download the faces-places_book-lowres.pdf.