Adjunct Portraits

Adjunct Portrait Project: For the love of it 

These portraits are a dedication to my fellow-adjunct professors who make this institution what it is.

The project is meaningful because it highlights and celebrates people I respect, and I know are doing the important work to educate and lift people out of poverty, at PCC SE Campus.

Many part-timers struggle financially to make ends meet or have to take on other employment and are spread very thin. After 10 years, I am feeling the toll of working as a part-time instructor and I see the toll it takes on others. Creating this project reconnects me to why I teach and who I am as a teacher. While talking with other adjunct faculty, I have found they love their jobs, students, colleagues and the institution, but often feel underappreciated and undercompensated. By having an artistic dialog with others' who are part of an “unspoken underclass” in the institution I hope to give voice while showing my personal appreciation to my colleagues!

The images for this project are digital illustrations. The images were created starting with a digital photograph of each person and then through a process of layers a digital drawing is created using Procreate and Photoshop software. I make the photographic image into cartoon-style portrait to create a bright and playful image. The images are meant to capture attention and be a celebration while bringing visibility to instructors who deserve recognition!

Rachel Siegel, February 2019

Adjunct Portrait Project: For the love of it  is on display at Portland Community College Southeast (PCC SE) campus gallery, February 6th through March 29th, 2019 as a part of a four person photography faculty exhibition, Presenting PCC – Southeast’s Photography Programs on Display.

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